Two UCI with two annex A for PPR?

Hi Everyone,
[1] My application has my spouse listed as dependent. We’ve received two letters in our secure account with two different UCIs with the same name (Primary Applicant) in Annex A. Is the second UCI Annex A for my spouse to sign?

[2] Should I send both my old expired passport and new valid passport for Permanent Residence Visa stamping?

Answers for future reference:

[1] Yes. Annex A document is basically a signed approval by a person to allow PR visa stamping in their passport. So, if there are two Annex A documents (with different UCIs), one of them is for the primary applicant and the other one is for the dependent.

[2] Yes, we sent both old and new passports in the envelope and didn’t have any issues.

Hi @manushya , I’m in the same position now. On the second Annex A, did you enter your name or your dependent’s name?

Thanks a lot!