Unable to decide my Noc as my qualification and experience are not in same field

Hi All,

I am an Electrical Engineer but working as maintenance engineer for last 6 years now. I couldn’t find NOC for electrical maintenance engineer while filing for Express Entry. I’m confused now which NOC should I select as NOC 2133 is for Electrical Engineers but my professional experience matches with NOC 2132 and NOC 0714. Kindly help me find the correct NOC for my application.

As per my understanding, your NOC is applicable for your work experience and it has nothing to do with your educational degree. At least that’s how it was couple of years back, when I was gathering experience certificates for my jobs.

Hi Nik,

Thanks for replying. I changed my info on my profile but after sometime my profile status changed to ineligible. I want to delete my profile. How can I do that?

Not sure about the exact process but one can have multiple profiles in CIC, just that only one to remain active for the application purpose. Probably you should just create a new profile and start using the new one.