Unable to provide letterhead from Financial Institution


I am unable to get a letterhead from my financial institutions before my submission deadline. I have already attached 6 months bank statements from all my banks and other financial institutions where I have fixed deposits. The bank branches are in US and I am currently in India.

Will this be an issue as I am submitting all other documents. Also, will I be able to update any of this after I have submitted my documents and paid the respective fees? Please help.

I am in similar situation. Did you had any issue with submitting just the statements?

My experience:

  • I submitted what I had (As written above)
  • I have submitted a LOE in the “Other Document section”. This came after I attached all documents.

I do not know if there will be any issue as I have not heard anything back. But I guess it should be okay for now. I have requested letters from my financial institution just in case I would be asked to submit any documents.

If you are in India. One suggestion would be to get a letter from your bank in India, if you have any money in it. It can also be from your spouses account. But you would need to have a signed letter from the spouse saying the money is available to you. I did not have this option but just a tip.

Hope my answer helps you.

Yeah I am in US too. I bank with BofA and Ally and they have refused to provide any such letter.

Thanks for responding though. I may have to go same route.

That’s strange because BofA provided the 6 and 12 months balance letter signed and stamped by branch head a year back. Did they say it’s not a policy ?
You could raise an online request and then receive the hard cop from branch.

We uploaded any letter that the banks would provide (ownership, average balance or verification of deposit) and attached statements from the past 6 months.

Weird. As @usa2can has mentioned, Bofa and Chase told me that they can provide me the letter provided I come into a branch directly. As I am currently not in US, this was not possible for me.

Talk to their customer care and Branch manager once. Either one of them should help.

FWIW, I got PR by submitting just the bank statements. I didn’t get a specific letter from any bank detailing the balances etc.

All I did was added a cover letter mentioning the total like:

Bank 1: X USD = Xc CAD 
Bank 2: Y USD = Yc CAD
Total : Z USD = Zc CAD

(1USD = 1.xx CAD on date dd/mm/yyyy)

AOR to PPR took about 3 months. (probably sticking to the format may have reduced that time further)