Updating Profile Post ITA


Hi All,

I have a situation here. My CRS is 477. I got an ITA yesterday. But now one of my employers (Accenture, India) is not willing to put my job roles and duties in the reference letter as my supervisor does not remember me. I have their offer letter, payslips and relieving letter. So now should I get notarized letters from my collegues in Accenture on a plain paper listing my job duties OR is there any way to remove my Accenture experience from my application considering that I already have an ITA.

Even if I remove the Accenture experience, My score would be 452 which is more than yesterday’s cut off of 451.

Really need your advice. i just want to be safe on all fronts.



If you do manage to remove your Accenture position from the EE profile, are you sure your score would be 452 and not drop any further? I am not sure if there is an option to remove your experience but it might just be easier to get letters from coworkers about roles & responsibilities, and provide the other documents which you have from the company as proof of your work experience.


I think you or someone else asked this same question and my answer remains the same: collect all documents you can related to the job including letters from colleagues and add it against your accenture work exp. Also attach the refusal email to the LoE. My Infosys experience was considered this way.