Upfront medical exam for common law partner

Hi there! My partner and I have received an ITA through express entry FSW class. He is our principal applicant, and I am the accompanying common law partner. We’re trying to figure out if I need to do my medical exam before or after submitting our application. He already did his. On the website it states “You can’t get an upfront medical exam if you’re being sponsored as a spouse, partner or child. Wait for our instructions before going for your medical exam.” However, in our application portal online it has a required space for my IMM 1017B form, which I would get as a result of completing the medical exam.

I’m confused whether I count as “being sponsored as a spouse (common law partner in our case)” or if this is only referring to spouses being sponsored when their partner is already a permanent resident/citizen in Canada.

Anyone know if I need to do my medical exam now or wait to be directed to?

Thank you!!