Urgent - Application due in 3 days - Got ITA - Passport Expiring in 7 months

My passport is expiring Aug 2019, and I got my ITA in Nov 18. I am due to submit my application in 3 days.
Then apply for renewal of passport and submit the new one?
I saw recommendations to renew first and then apply, if so I have to withdraw my ITA.

What do you recommend? Can I go ahead and submit my application or should I withdraw my ITA to renew passport?

Don’t waste time. Apply first. Then renew.
I have just renewed mine and you simply tell IRCC that you’ve renewed.
Nothing wrong with that.

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So, how to let IRCC know that I renewed after I submit application?

You use the webform:

Have you got response from them that new passport is accepted? If so, How long did they take to respond after you submitted on web-form?