Urgent. Post ITA has this troublesome question


I have this question on my ITA:

Have you told us about all of ****'s relatives? (required)

Problem is I have a ton of relatives who should I list?


That’s strange?

Did you check “yes” for Canadian relatives by any chance?

Did you add more than “1” for number (1=just you) for number of applicants, in case you’re single?

I don’t think you need to add all your uncles and cousins in this. It probably means your immediate family members (parents, siblings, spouse, children).

If you have correctly added everyone to EE profile just say “Yes”

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Which section is this question in? Is it in the relatives who are in Canada part or just relatives in general? I remember I had to mention my parents’, my sibling’s, my spouse’s, spouse’s parents and spouse’s sibling’s names in the application even though they are not in Canada.

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I think you might be referring to the people that have not been mentioned on the application. We only mentioned our immediate family I.e. parents and siblings, but it was clearly mentioned that they are not accompanying us.