Urgent Question: Soft/Digital Copy of FBI Policy Certificate

I received the soft/digital copy of my report at the beginning of July, but the hard copy never arrived. In this case, can I just print the soft copy and submit it for my PR application (I need to mail everything to Canada agency). I noticed that the Canadian government website mentions that photocopy of the original police report is not accepted. So will a print of the soft copy be considered as photocopy?

Does anyone know whether the hard copy is the same as the one when the soft copy gets printed on regular white paper? Is the hard copy from FBI also regular white paper? For the signature on the hard copy, is it truly signed by someone or it is also a print of e-signature? It seems the signature on the soft copy I received is a bit blurry and hard to read.

You can submit the soft copy in the PR application. I did that and it worked out fine for me.

@ immigrant_usa Thank you for the answer. Just want to double check that you printed the soft copy and mailed it to CIC. Right? I know some people can upload a soft copy online, but in my case, I need to mail it to CIC. Thank you so much.

I only had to upload it for the PR application after ITA. I did not print it out.