Us dollar Canadian account to move money from US

Yes I’m aware of the taxes.

RBC can open it online for you. Tangerine as well. I’m not aware of other banks.

Whats the typical exchange rate we get any idea, like compare to transferwise (which I found to be giving the best rate and quite smooth to use)?

The big 5 won’t beat wise. I have used wise, OFX and knightsbridge. Best exchange from desc to asc - knightsbridge>OFX>wise

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I recently used Knightsbridge. Got the best rate possible. XE, Wise none of them could best it. Did it before the loonies started gaining ground.

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I’m moving to Vancouver next week, I have no foreign transaction fee credit card. Planning to open CAD bank account and transfer some USD to CAD.

I don’t think I will get a good exchange rate to get CAD in cash than exchanging from wise. Also, I have friends who can help me with some cash if I need. Is there any other reason I should bring CAD in cash with me from US?