US Driver License to BC Drivers Licence

I have held valid US driving license in Texas and New Jersey. Overall I have around 5 years of driving experience. However, I have read in that proof of driving experience must be submitted by the authorised licensing authority and not from me. Both TX and NJ said they cannot send the records to any others except the licence holder. Anybody knows how to send the records through email or fax?
Thanks in advance for the help.

That’s not true. You can take your Driving abstract when you go in person to exchange the US license.

For NJ be sure to fill in form DO-11 and not DO-21 as the latter only has details since your last renewal. I have no idea about Texas as I never lived there nor was I licensed there.

BC also accepts Indian licenses for driving history, so you can get better insurance rates if you have an older Indian license in addition to your US licenses.

How do you get an Indian driver’s abstract?

I presume that you get it from the RTO who issued your driver’s license.

Hey, Just a latest update on this as we recently visited ICBC in Vancouver to convert our Ontario License to BC, we showed our drivers license history from Ontario, CA history (unofficial) which we retrieved it online from the DMV website for $2 and we just went over with the Indian drivers license (no history) just the license and they accepted it. Its really great BC does this.

ICBC caps their insurance to 15 years experience FWIW.

BTW I wrote a blog post about moving up to Canada and my experience especially with driving: