US equivalent retailers

So I moved from Illinois to GTA 3 days ago. I am having a bit of a hard time to try and find things online. In US we used amazon, target, walmart for most of our needs. Here amazon and walmart look like a joke as the selection is way too less. Folks living here from a long time and specially those that moved from US, do you mind sharing any tips/info around this topic?

Here are some popular ones in the GTA: Walmart, Loblaws, Fortinos, Sobeys, Canadian tire(hardware only), Costco, Canadian super store, No Frills, Freshco, Metro, Wholefoods, Food basics etc.

Pro tip: I suggest you google “grocery stores near me” and you should find plenty. They are all pretty much like what you have in the US. Also, if you are really not happy with groceries here, you can always move back to the US if that option is still available to you.


I was looking for retailers that offer online delivery options rather than B&M. And I am not sure how you interpreted that I am not happy with ‘groceries’ and then that would make me think to move back to US. Crazy world we live in.

I use Amazon for the most part but I know some of these stores also deliver; you could also use Instacart.

@jayhop: I agree with your comment about having way less options here as compared to US. You’ll just get used to it over time. You’ll just realize that those 10 different extra options that you get in US are pretty much useless and you anyways ended up buying the most popular option. But I agree we still had options to compare and choose, as opposed to saying, this is the only thing you can buy.

Can you share what kind of items you are trying to purchase online? This will help others in giving relevant suggestions.

We are moving next month and while I haven’t had any experience of this first hand, I have started to look at it from a different angle to make my move more pleasant.

Regarding groceries as an example:

In The US, if you were shopping in Safeway (west-coast, not sure of the east-coast equivalent of a superstore), you’d get such variety in so many things, that it turns into a shopping stroll instead of a timed task to get done and move on. Also, not every option makes sense to you, because each product markets to different demographics.

Now, you go to a store next door, say Grocery Outlet Bargain Market (some discount store), you may not get the specific brand, but you do get your goods. Do they have eggs? Yes. Do they have pasture-raised cage-free eggs? Maybe not. Do they have bread? Yes. Do they have the particular french bread that you so like? Maybe not. You get the point.

I realize that when in The US, we have an association of specialty stores (whole foods, food max, Safeway) which we are so used to market to us with their illusion of choice, that we forget the basic need of what we wanted in the first place. If you really need a particular brand of goods, you just have to keep looking for a specialty store which can provide that and try to build a sense of attachment with local stores and outlets.

In regards to other services, yes, is bad with their choices, and yes, you may have to overpay for the US good which is so much cheaper if you took a drive southwards, but it is a simple distinction between consumerism and minimalism. If you really wanted something from the south, there are services that can ship things to Canada at a cheaper rate and lesser duties. Moving from capitalist countries is always going to feel like a bargain with the lack of choice, slowness in services, but I am sure it doesn’t matter in the long run or the effective impact that the goods bring to your life.

Self Note: Canada is a different county, and the move is nothing different than moving to any other country, say Australia. If I refuse to accept the Australian way and keep comparing it with The US, I am never going to be happy with my decision.

Sorry if this turned into a philosophical rant, but it is what I felt and processed when I looked at and then compared it with during the black-friday. Also, C$1200 for a $700 road bike, are you kidding me Canada!!


And there is a list here that the community put together for the newbies trying to navigate what’s the US equivalent of… in Canada. What is the Canadian equivalent of...?

Hope this helps.

Thanks to all those that responded. This was not a rant against any country/individual. All I was looking for info from folks who’ve been living here a long time to provide a quick list of online retailers that would match with US retailers. To this date, I have come to a conclusion that there’s none. For example, doesn’t comes close to in terms of different variety of products. And it appears that I need to change my habit of online shopping to in-store. I am absolutely okay with this but just wanted to check with folks on this forum if they have a different experience.

I just updated the wiki to list all online delivery services. Instacart fronts a lot of retailers including Walmart, Shoppers Drug mart etc Doordash is also doing more than just food delivery. Yes the variety is a bit less as compared the US but you’ll get everything you need to live a good life.

For example, salad condiments, E12 led bulbs, compost bags and the list goes on. I am still under quarantine so haven’t been to stores so far. Was also looking at best buy and to my shock, I couldn’t find airpods gen2.

I constantly find myself checking and then and more. Spending money wisely shouldn’t be so hard. Any Canadian old timers 2 cents on this topic? How do you deal with 2x or 3x inflated price on a certain good?

What exactly do you try to compare? There is hardly any country in the world that can beat the USA as far as prices of consumer electronics or stationaries go. I am assuming you either stay in the USA or stayed in the USA in the past. That’s why you are aware how cheap goods are in the USA. Anyone, who moved to Canada from India or Australia, would not be aware how things are cheaper south of the border. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

That’s right. Some of us who moved from US were comparing the Canadian prices to US side of things. And at least I have come to a conclusion that you cannot compare them. US is way ahead and will always be. That doesn’t mean I am looking to move back. The sooner we realize this, the quicker we’ll settle down.