Using Robinhood/Stash Brokerage


If we have stocks in brokerages like Robinhood or Stash while in the united states.

After moving to Canada
I would ideally like to keep these accounts open and sell & buy stuff and pay taxes in usa at the end of the year at least until i learn more. Is this option possible?

Or is it compulsory to move everything to canadian brokerage account?




Hi, what did you do with this, I am looking at options now. Thanks!

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I still use it and pay taxes in US.

I believe they ask for a permanent US address along with SSN. Not clear on how I can provide a permanent address while filing as a non resident after moving to Canada (not a gc holder and was on h1b in the US)

If your account access is dependent on your US phone number (e.g. for retrieving passoword etc), then your access could be affected if it doesnt allow other method of authentication. This affected me for my Robinhood account, but it was empty so I didnt bother.

same here. I use my friend’s address for all correspondence and taxation purposes. Same goes for my US bank accounts.

Cool. When filing taxes as non resident, does it not matter then?

It doesn’t. They also ask for my foreign address while filing the return as a non-resident.
I even get correspndence from IRS and state boards directly on my foreign address.

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