Using US number in Canada


We just moved to Canada two weeks ago from US. We are still having AT&T connection as there is free data and calls in Canada.

Is anyone still using US number especially ATT? Will it get disconnected if you use for long time?


using for past 3+ years. works like a charm.

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Hi, this is great to know! I’m moving from US to Canada next month and am considering phone plan options. With AT&T in Canada can you call and text both US and Canada from the US and Canada?? Which plan do you have with them?

I have been using T-Mobile since 1 year. No issues so far. Most US carriers support free roaming in Canada. Double-check with your carrier to be sure.

I’m using for the past year and it works pretty good. US-Canada texts and calls are included in all the plans I guess. Also, it allows 3 GB hotspot sharing at full speed, which is good as well. I have an international calling plan add on for $15, which lets me call India and other countries.

It’s good to bring ATT here as the unlimited internet plans in Canada are crazy expensive.

That’s great news to hear. So when you say US-Canada texts and calls, does that also mean that Canadian numbers can call/text you and they won’t be charged? Or does that depend on their plan?

Also, I’m curious what you pay for the AT&T plan, if you don’t mind sharing?