VAC NYC passport submission question

Hey all,

We got the passport request letter from IRCC and they asked us to send our passports (me and my wife) to VAC in NYC.

VFS NYC asked us to send everything in two envelopes with their own shipping labels (which they provided).

We sent everything and both packages reached VFS at the same day and time. I received a tracking info from VFS about my passport immediately but we still haven’t received any information about my wife’s passport.

Anyone experienced the same thing? How long does the VFS/VAC NYC take to process passports? I’m so confused on how they didn’t process my wife’s packet especially since it reached them at the same time!

Happened with me as well. Sometimes they don’t send alert emails. I sent a mail separately to check the status and they replied within 24 hrs saying it’s in processing.

They took 1-2 business days to process for us and we opted for text messages as well and we received both email and text alerts the whole time.

We sent our passports last Monday to VAC in New York and received them back today. It takes about a week for the whole thing. Hope that helps

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To update this thread:

We got everything back within 3-4 business days. The passports went separately to the Canadian authorities and they processed them separately as well.

As long as they have the passport request letter in each package, it should be good.

@ameha - Just to clarify when you said it went separately to Canadian authorities. Did you send each passport and if passport copy ONLY( for US citizen child) in separate couriers and paid transmission fees for all individual passports and passport copy. ?

Because in the letter from Gov. of Canda it says submit all in one single package with Annex A . So I am confused about what to do?


All required documents must be submitted in one single package

Hi @naimil Were you able to figure this out? Did you send separate packets (one for each passport and then one for passport copy?)