VAC NYC passport submission request

I have received an email to submit the passports to VAC NYC. We will be sending passports for primary and dependent and a passport copy for children.

Are we supposed to send all in one package to VAC and pay transmission fees once or all individual applications are needed to be sent in separate packages with separate fees for each?

@Jose @ameha - How did you guys do this?


You have to send your documents in two packages separately. Follow instructions of the VFS NYC.

For each package:

  • Passport request letter (fill out the appendix with your and your’s spouse’s info)
  • Consent form (two copies) (both signed by the person who the package is for)
  • Photos of the person who the package is for (2 – 1 which has details on the back, 1 which has nothing on the back)
  • Passport
  • I believe the invoice of the payment for the person
  • Return label for the person

Make one package for yourself, one for your spouse.

Keep everything related to your spouse in their package.

The ONLY thing connecting you to your spouse is the passport request letter. Note that it’s OK to have that letter addressed to you (since you are the primary applicant). Just ensure the appendix is completed for the letter that you will add to each package.

@ameha - Thanks for the clarification. From what I understood is that if you have a dependent child needing just a passport copy to be sent. This will be the third package, right?

So we have to pay individual courier charges and separate Money orders for all packages?

Hmm, I’d think so. Once you email their label request email address, they will need you to fill out an excel sheet with all your family members listed in it. So I’m guessing it’ll be three packages for all of you — unless otherwise stated for the kid.

To confirm — I’d call their helpline and ask. The vfs helpline is pretty good.

Ameha covered all the steps.

Just one thing… If the child is US citizen, no need to send the passport, they will be given Visitor Record directly in Port of Entry. If received the passport request letter for child as well, then I believe you need to send the original passport in a separate package.

@ameha @Jose

Thanks for the detailed instructions. I called VFS helpline and they need everything in separate package for each applicant. Even if it’s just a passport copy for your US Citizen Child, it will be a separate package to them.


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