Vacationing Abroad

One of the best things I find about living in Canada (compared to the US) is that you can travel internationally without having to worry about visa renewals and immigration. So now that I have the chance,I’m considering taking a vacation aboard.

Any of you in a similar boat - considering is or already been there and done that? What are your go to destinations where the travel isn’t too agonizing or breaking the bank?

For instance, I’ve been eyeing the Caribbean, but flights are > 24 hrs (!).

In this side of the world, haven’t been outside of the US. One of the places which looks appealing is Bermuda since it is a short flight away (at least from Toronto) although I don’t know how expensive it is.

Wiki provides this list for Canadian PRs to travel visa-free:



we have Cancun on top of our list, but after experiencing the first winter.

Guatemala and Mexico are both beautiful. For the note against Guatemala - “not applicable to all nationalities” - a few years back Indian nationals started getting visa-on-arrival. So if you have an Indian passport with Canadian PR you should be able to travel visa free to Guatemala.

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Do you have a US tourist visa B1/B2?
If so I think there are more flights available via the US and also cheaper.
24 hours for flights to the Caribbean seems rather long, considering the distance (from eastern Canada).

Great point, thanks! In the long run this will be a good strategy to find cheaper/faster flights. but no B1/B2 right now. I’m starting to see some better flights though - around 500 CAD with 1 stop max. Maybe I was looking at the wrong time or search engine.

Are you on a Work permit or have a Canadian PR ?
If you have PR, then aren’t you eligible for short term visits to the US based on PR status & filling in the electronic travel document or whatever it’s called ?
I’m trying to understand why you mentioned " but no B1/B2 right now"

Hey I’m a PR. I was under the impression that the PR doesn’t change any US visa requirements.

What’s this document you’re referring to?

Turns out, it’s based on your original Citizenship or your current passport issuing country’s visa waiver program. I can see why.
I was misinformed.

American Green Card holders (Permanent Residents), don’t need a visa to visit Canada.
Unfortunately America doesn’t reciprocate this by extending the same benefit to Canadian Permanent Residents.

Like you mention in your later post, America doesn’t explicitly factor in Canadian PR in granting visas. However I suspect that if you’re a Canadian PR with an employment history then your application will be more credible than from the Country of Origin (Depending on the Country Of Origin ofcourse).

Costa Rica and Cuba are popular destinations amongst Canadians. Bermuda is cheap to fly in but hotels and stuff are quite expensive.