Validity Of PCC For ITA

Hello Friends,

I just want to clear my confusion about the validity of PCC certificate.

As I have applied under PNP programme I was preparing for my document in advance before I get the nomination.

I got my PCC from Passport Seva Kendra couple of months back(In 25th Nov). I am expecting my nomination in December and maybe the federal ITA in December end or in next draw.

Now my question is let’s say I got ITA in December 2018 and I am uploading my document in January 2019. at that time my PCC will get 3 months old and maybe when Visa officer starts reviewing my document during background which is after 3 months from ITA my PCC will become 6 months old.

So in this situation should I apply for PCC again after I get ITA for EE or they will check the validity for the time when I uploaded the documents?

Need some senior’s reply on this to clear my confusion. I don’t want to take chance as I heard that due to PCC validity few people got rejection.


Once you submit your documents within the validity period, you should be okay. So if your PCC gets 6 months old while the process is ongoing, you need not worry. Only if they request for the PCC again, would you need to provide it.


Thanks a lot mate,

So you mean to say, When I am uploading documents after getting ITA at that time my PCC should be valid not when they perform background check. So If I am uploading documents in January and my PCC issue date is in November that should be fine as per your view. Correct me if I am wrong.


Yup, that’s right.

Any update on your application? @mrandmrs

Nope, still waiting. On immitracker, I see the last few April AoRs are finally getting PPRs now, at a very slow pace though, so hopefully we might get the news before the year ends. Fingers crossed!

Do you know your Visa Office by any chance?

Last GCMS notes suggested Ottawa.

Good luck guys. Must be frustrating


How many days is the Pcc valid and can i apply for pcc for USA from India.

Thank you.