Visit Prior to Application?

Hello Everyone,
I’m an American software developer about to start my Express Entry application. Does anyone know if having previously visited Canada will weight on my application?

I had a trip planned earlier this year that was cancelled due to Covid-19, but I’m 100% sure I want to move to Canada and want to proceed with my application. I am wondering if this will look bad or otherwise factor negatively on my application. I have my university credits evaluated and my CELPIP test completed.

I am weighing if I should just go ahead and apply now, or wait until spring until I can hopefully visit. I figure it will take that long since America is completely botching the Covid-19 recovery.

Any insight or feedback?


Visiting Canada as a tourist or canceling a visit to Canada on a visitor visa does not affect your express entry application.Unless you are claiming points for working in Canada, any other type of visit shouldn’t matter.

I would start my application early as its time consuming and the backlog due to Covid has increased the processing time.You can always visit Canada on a tourist visa ( when your application is being processed) or if you don’t have a tourist visa, you can visit after your get a COPR.