Visitor record for US born child from within Canada

Hi All,

Can someone guide if they were able to get a visitor record for their child after coming inside Canada if it was not issued at POE.

How to reach out to IRCC for this if we came on WP through company.

Please guide.

Hi All, please let me know if anyone has faced this.

I have not experienced this problem before, (And am curious how it could happen?) but if one of my clients had this issue I would visit the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) office at the Port Of Entry where you arrived, bringing with you all the relevant documentation. For example, in Montreal, at Trudeau airport, the CBSA office is in the arrivals area, after clearing the secured area, in the corridor between arrivals and the Marriott Hotel. Of course you should go to the POE at which you entered Canada.
It’s a crap shoot, but in my experience the people at the CBSA border stations can be quite helpful with unusual problems. I would not ignore this by the way. Not having an arrival record can pop up with some troublesome consequences years later.