Waiting for PPR since Dec 2019

I received an ITA for a Canada PR - express entry (Non-PNP) on Nov 10, 2019, and submitted my application on Dec 5, 2019. So, I have been waiting for a Passport request since then i.e. almost 20 months now. I know a few people who applied after me and have got the PPR. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who is stuck or there are many in the same boat? Please help! :pray:

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Are you CEC ? There have been unrealistically longer wait times

You mean CEC(Canadian Experience Class), right? No, I’m not.

so PNP inland or outland ? They are only processing CEC and PNP inland

I’m non-PNP. Are you sure that they are only processing CEC and PNP inland? I know a few people with non-PNP application got the PPR. What about you? Are you waiting as well?

This is what folks say on Canada Immigration Forum

I am PNP inland

I’m FSW-Outland and I submitted my application on March 8 2020. I am still waiting for any kind of updates…

Anyone here waiting for PR Card mailed to your address in Canada? Any information will be helpful thank you