Waiting for PR since March 2021!

I applied for permanent residency back in March 2021. The processing time is normally 6
Months but with COViD who knows now. Since then I received one email saying that the wait is normal but when I inquired recently I received an automated response mentioning that the IRCC is processing urgent request e.g Afghan refugees etc. Was anyone is in a similar situation and have recently received their PR?

What is your category: PNP or CEC or Outlander ?

Outlander. I applied under express entry federal skilled worker. No provincial nomination

There is a huge backlog but I heard now they are processing quickly and catching up the speed. You could also order the GCMS notes - that will help you to know where it stands.

Well, my AOR was Jan 2020 and we are still waiting. We got re-medical request last month after 22 months of wait. Normally, we would have expected to get PPR email for me and my wife soon since IRCC is issuing PPR around a month after re-medicals are submitted. However, our baby was born right recently, so we are expecting another 6-8 months of delay due to additional time for collecting documentation, getting it approved by IRCC, etc.

So you are in for a wait, but hopefully not too long.

Wow, that’s quite a delay. Congratulations on the baby. I hope it comes through soon

Thank you for the tip. I have just submitted a request. I am sort of relieved this actually validates the automated message I received