WES Assessment of MBA

Hi All,

I got my WES assessment report and was surprised to see MBA ( 2 yrs full time from Osmania University) rated as Canadian equivalency of Bachelor’s Degree ( 4 years).

On contacting WES and challenging their assessment, they mentioned they have changed their assessment criteria from Dec 2018 onwards and as per the criteria, their assessment is correct.

Interestingly, I know quite a few people who have completed MBA from Osmania and got rated as an equivalency to a Masters Degree in Canada.

How do I challenge further and ensure that the MBA is assessed equivalency to a Masters Degree? Upon contacting WES, they ask to write our queries on the online form and they revert with a standard response.

Please advise options to get assessed as Masters.



What do ICAS and others do? Maybe you could try them (and risk waiting another 6-8 months if my timeline is anything to go by)

If they are saying their assessment criteria has changed after December 2018 and you applied after that, it wouldn’t help challenging their assessment. It might be better to get your evaluation done through one of the other agencies.

Thanks for your advise. I will perhaps go down that path.

As you rightly mentioned its wait of 6 months with ICAS and since time is of the essence here, I might file with what I got in hand.

Thank you for your inputs

Hi johnwilliam,

I’m in a similar situation here WES recoginzed my master as two or more diploma.
Did you finally did your evaluation from IQAS or some other agency? How long did they take?


Hi Consuela,

Fortunately for me the WES report served the purpose and I didn’t had to get evaluation done from IQAS.

Wish you luck