WES change of rule

WES change of rule linked below has caused a hold on my documents. I have no way to get this done from USA and no one to do this for me back in India. Is there any other solution? Considering using University of Toronto for ECA now. Hopefully, that works out! It will definitely affect our timeline for the PR application process. Anyone here used University of Toronto for ECA? How was the experience?
Dropped an email to WES, however online search shows that people usually have got back the same rule written back in reply to them. So WES won’t really help with this.
Thanks in advance for your replies!


Hi @Val - Did you find an alternative? I’m looking for options too.

Hi Pankaj,

I used University of Toronto ECA. Still to hear back from them.
WES has not responded to my refund request. My recommendation would be to avoid WES and try University of Toronto for ECA, if you have the same situation as I explained above.
I had called University of Toronto before sending in my documents and they were really great. They said it is fine to send the sealed transcripts I had collected from my universities few years back.

Hope that helps!