WES Degree Verification query

I am Swapnil from Pune, India. I have applied to WES for evaluation of my degrees. I have done my Diploma from MSBTE and my engineering from University of Pune. WES has asked both these institutions to verify my degrees and statement of marks. Has anyone faced such issue from WES and if yes what is the further course of action you have taken on the same and whom have you met in these institutions for getting the work done? I know this is done between WES and the institutions but I am afraid that the institutes in India will not respond in the specific time span mentioned. Seek your help and advice.

Similar query was sent to my wife’s institution in Punjab asking them to verify her degree and detail mark sheet. We did not contact the institution. We wanted to wait atleast couple of weeks before intervening. However, it hardly took a week extra ( I think her university responded quickly) and evaluation process was back on track.