WES - ECA for Masters or Bachelor Degree

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I am extremely sorry if it has been already discussed, However, I am asking it for the first time. if needed, please redirect me to the correct page or to the topic

I created my account on WES and selected MCA , and required documents say
a. Scanned Degree
b. Transcripts from University
c. A note saying ‘Note carefully: You must also provide your bachelor’s degree documents’

I called WES twice , spoke to two different people , and both gave different answers :slight_smile, One said only Masters Transcripts and one said ECA is needed for both Masters and Bachelors, so I am confused now

I dont want to chase two different Indian universities for obvious reasons.

Has any one done ECA for only Masters at WES, and did WES ask for Bachelor transcripts as well?
For EE , is Master ECA sufficient , I assume so

I also read CES ECA checklists, apparently they only need Master Transcripts. Anyone with similar CES experience ?

Thank you

Did you check if WES considers your MCA as masters? For most applicants, getting bachelor degree ECA is optional (but bachelor ECA is needed for PNP programs), so I’m not sure why it is saying it is compulsory for you. The only advantage with WES is that they are quicker, but off late they are becoming too picky in terms of documentation required (cant blame them because they have to do this to detect fraud)

My wife had her MCA degree from NITT evaluated by WES a couple of years back.
They required her to send in documentation from both the MCA and BSc degrees. This was a bit of a pain because we were in the US and they require universities (from Delhi and Tamil Nadu in our case) to directly send transcripts to them, so we had to work through our network of family and friends to get this done.

The entire process took 2 months after we had the documentation submitted to WES, the good part is that they evaluate the MCA to a Masters Degree and my wife got the corresponding education points.

Thank you so much panditji !!!

my case is very similar to yours. Even I have a Bsc Degree.

So I understand that I need to contact my two Indian universities to send transcripts for both MCA and Bsc.

One Doubt though , do we need to add two separate credentials in WES, one for MCA and another for Bsc , or only MCA is sufficient ? and do we have to pay for two evaluations ?

You are very welcome.

You will only need one credentials evaluation and pay the fees for one evaluation only. Just do the one for MCA, but also follow their instructions and send credentials for both your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Thank you again Panditji for sharing very helpful information !!!

You’ll need the highest degree evaluated if applying for Express Entry
You’ll need both degrees evaluated if you are applying for PNP

WES charges the same whether you get one credential evaluated or all.

Thank you NTN for highlighting this , I did not know this.

I will do some research on this and let you know if have I have any questions.

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