WES Evaluation for an Indian 3-Year Bachelor Degree

Hello, I am Faiz and I will be graduating from Ashoka University, Sonepat, India in May 2021. I just submitted my report for a course-by-course WES evaluation for my undergraduate transcript which is a Bachelor’s in Arts (Economics Honours) program to be completed in three years. The universities I am hoping to apply for in US/Canada require me to have a “Bachelor’s degree” on the WES report (either three or four).

The issue I am facing is that only those Indian universities is equivalent to a 4-year US Bachelor’s degree if the university is accredited ‘A’ by NAAC. However, my university is not old enough to have accreditation by NAAC, even though it enjoys a celebrated reputation and is recognized by UGC. The question is if this undergraduate degree would be shown equivalent to which of the following for Canadian/US equivalency:

  1. Bachelor’s (three years)
  2. Bachelor’s (four years)
  3. Three years of undergraduate study

The first two equivalency would be perfectly fine, however, if it shows “three years of undergraduate study” as Canadian/US equivalency, I wouldn’t be able to apply for the universities I want. I am guessing it should be equivalent to a Bachelor’s (three years) at least. I also did a summer abroad from the London School of Economics, United Kingdom, taking two courses, the transcript for which I have sent to WES. I am just afraid it will show “three years of undergraduate study” since my university is not accredited by NAAC (although it is by UGC). I tried using the WES Degree Equivalency Tool but it doesn’t have my university in its list, although it did pop up during my application to WES.

I would request you to please answer my concern. Your help will be much appreciated.

Hi Fiaz!
I’m in the same situation as you were. Did you hear back from Wes yet?