WES evaluation for Btech + MBA

My spouse has a Bachelors of Technology (4 year) for which we are quite sure of getting the correct evaluation and some points in CRS.

She also has a Post Graduate Diploma (equivalent to MBA) from AIMA, but due to some internal courses not completed, we are not sure if we will get ECA for an MBA for that.

We have transcripts available from both colleges.

My question is : should we send both these together to WES for ECA ? or should these be sent as two different applications to WES?

Benefit of sending together is that it will be treated as a single application and will save me 200$.

However, I am not sure if the PG Diploma evaluation fails, would it still cover the B.Tech and provide correct evaluation or it or not ?

I am not sure how the WES report looks like? Do they say the minimum eligible degree as per their report which passed their criteria ?

Thanks for a lot for your help and input in this regard.

If she has the diploma (degree certificate = degree compeleted) why do you think it would fail? I think you should send it together.

the reason I am skeptical is that the degree was comprising of 4 certificates (1 certificate each for every semester).
She completed 3 semesters, so has 3 certificates, but not the 4th one. :slight_smile:
I know if is crazy, but it is…

So I am not really sure whether it will be counted as a full MBA or not.

so it all boils down to whether WES will atleast evaluate it as a completed Btech + 3 diplomas in management.


Looking at this, I feel like you have everything you would need for a WES evaluation. But the part that confuses me is:

Not sure what you mean by “courses not completed” as you said you have the transcripts

Did she get a degree certificate? Afaik degrees are not issues unless all degree requirements are completed (atleast here in US). If a degree certificate is present it shouldn’t matter if few courses are not finished. What does the transcript say? “Degree awarded” ?

So in the 4 semesters, she completed 3 semesters and has the Post Graduate Diploma ceritifcates for the 3 semesters. But did not complete the 4th semester. so no final certiticate.

To make matters complicated, this was sort of a joine degree between AIMA and her college.
So she completed the 4 semesters and have a full degree from her college, but not from the central authority AIMA.

It is complicated, and I don’t know who will know best about this.

But the question I am asking here is whether WES will evaluate atleast the B.Tech Degree individually, if they do not consider her MBA as valid.

Anshul, it was a Post graduate diploma, not a degree.

So the way the college and AIMA structured it was like :

  • you get Post graduate diploma in Blah after completing 1st semester (completed)
    • you get Post graduate diploma in Blah-Blah after completing 2nd semester (completed)
      ---- you get Post graduate diploma in Blah-Blah-Blah something after completing 3rd semester (completed)
      — - you get Post graduate diploma in Everything after completing 4th semester. (+NOT_ completed)

So there will be 4 different diplomas conferred. All these 4 were from AIMA (the central authority in India which manages management programs)

Note that all these were in parallel to the 2 year program being run by her college.
So she did complete those 3 semesters and completed the course and got a final completed course certificate, but it is not a PG DM or a MBA degree.

In that case I’d say do them separately with some additional $$ as a gamble. I’m not sure how WES evaluates diploma vs degrees but if they do give Masters equivalency atleast it’ll give you extra points.

Alright, thanks for the advise all.