WES evaluation for Canada if we already have US evaluaton with us

Hi @anon25417004,

I have completed my WES evaluation for US university some 3 years back. Now I am trying to explore if I can get some benefit out of that. We all know its very hard to get response from WES and in one of the response which I received they mentioned complete applications and then we will transfer your file to Canada Immigration team.
I need to know if some one else is also having same situation if yes then what did you do ?


I have faced a similar situation. WES evaluation done for an U.S university cannot be used for immigration to Canada. In fact, WES evaluation done to a Canadian university is even not applicable for immigration. There is a specific tab in WES Canada website for evaluation for IRCC Canada. Only WES done for IRCC can be used for immigration purposes. Hope this helps.

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Thanks @blg.chaitanya

so in that case, I expect we need to create the account again on WES site, when I am doing so its saying that name and DOB combination already exists and then redirects me to US wes site.
How did you resolve this situation ?

Can you not just use your old login account and just pay for a new evaluation?

@curious_abt85 Sorry, I did not face that situation. I guess its because I used a different email.

Hey @anon25417004 not old login will always take me to US site and their Canada site is different

Hi @blg.chaitanya

I am also trying with different email ID but the moment I put my first name, last name and DOB combination it says that you are already registered with some other email ID.

did you make some changes in names like provided initials instead of full first name or last name
old profile as Panwar
new profile as P or V Panwar


I would say create an account with a slightly different name like “V. Panwar” this would allow you to create a WES Canada account. Then remember to change the name in the personal information section when creating the application.

yeah I am thinking to do same, have sent mail to WES also, lets see if the reply late then will go with this path.

Got one response from them where they say create new profile (they will help in creating this)
then pay the fees(whole fees) to get new reference no and then share them this new reference # to transfer the old file from US evaluation (money making isn’t it :slight_smile: )



I did almost an year back, and this is how I sent my US evaluation report to them that time. Not sure if the process changed now.