WES evaluation for SCDL?

Does WES consider SCDL (Symbiosis Distance Learning) MBA? There have been conflicting results on websites, I can see Symbiosis as a University is approved, but what about distance learning courses?

From what I know SCDL is not listed on the WES degree equivalency tool and therefore you will possibly see “unrecognized university” on your report. I would try ICAS and IQAS since SCDL is UGC recognized.

are you sure ?

My university also not appearing in list of WES Degree equivalency tool…

But it do appear in the list when i created my application profile and added my education.
I completed application and saved but not yet submitted.
So should I submit fees with WES or not?

@srhere It seems now it does show up. Possibly WES updated something on their end. It’s hard to say without more information. If it did show up on that list then WES would evaluate it. But if its non-standard in some way then the equivalency might not be what you need for express entry.

Thanks for reply @anon25417004
I did not understand what do you mean by “equivalency might not be what you need for express entry” ?
do you mean equivalency tool results does not matter for ECA or what?
because i think ECA gives equivalency of our Degree in Canada Education…

This may help: https://applications.wes.org/degree-equivalency-tool/

Looks like they give out an unofficial hint of what their result will likely be.

What I meant is based on the degree and college WES will come back with a report which does not have to say the degree is equivalent to a MS / BS in Canada. Their report could even say its not. Nothing to be alarmed about :grinning: I’m just stating that WES accepting a submission to evaluate does not mean the result is always positive.

I believe WES will send you a report via mail. Will they also send out an electronic copy?

I called WES Canada phone number and they told if the college name appears during application creation then the college is recognized. The degree equivalency tool is not updated and does not have all colleges and its just kind of sample tool.

Yes. They should as they wrote that when i created application

The electronic copy is available in your WES profile once the results are ready. You can download it from there.


WES does not evaluate any certifications from SCDL(Symbiosis center for distance learning).
I had sent it earlier. Than I sent it to IQAS. They accepted it.
If anyone has SCDL degree , please send it to IWAS

Sorry, Typo error. IQAS

So if Bachelors is recognized by WES & PGDBA is reqcognized by IQAS, should we get both thorugh IQAS or Bachelors with WES & PGDBA from IQAS ?

If IQAS recognises your PGDBA, there is a good chance they will recognise your Bachelors degree too. It would be more cost-efficient and time-efficient to get both the evaluations done through the same evaluating agency.


Can you please confirm, in how much time did you get the revert from IQAS for SCDL

and how much did you pay for this.


I got my bachelors and master both evaluated from WES. Now WES considered my education as 1 or more diploma.
I’m planning to get my degrees evaluated by IQAS as I heard they consider master as master.

My question here is can I keep my WES evaluation aside and use IQAS only for master? Aince my bachelors plus master is evaluated from WES