WES evaluation timeline and document submission details


thanks… I found it finally on WES website when creating application…

Option 1
Send Directly
For completed, incomplete and in-progress study, ask the institution responsible for conducting the examinations to attest and send your documents directly to WES.

Option 2
Send in a Sealed Envelope
If the institution gives you the document to send to WES, the document must be attested, dated, and placed in a sealed envelope that is signed or stamped across the back flap by the appropriate authentication officer at the institution that conducted the examination. If the envelope is opened or there is no stamp or signature across the back flap, WES cannot accept the document.



@avj To the point in Option2,

Blockquote If the envelope is opened or there is no stamp or signature across the back flap, WES cannot accept the document.

I have a Masters from US and I received the official transcript from my university.Now I want to forward this to WES. The transcript is sealed but there is no stamp or signature on the back flap. Will that be a big deal? Will WES not accept it if there is no stamp/signature on the back flap? I have also attached front and back of the envelope that I received from the univ.



It again depends on whether WES follows this guideline to the word. It’s worth calling them and asking and mailing them a transcript anyway. If they accept it well and good, else you’ll have to request online/go to your university to get the stamp on the back. I don’t see why this would be a big deal if the transcript is obviously sealed and never opened. But call and confirm once.



Same thing happened to me when I first ordered transcripts from my uni in US - it did not have signature and seal across back flap. So I contacted my uni and laid out the requirements as well as why, and they were happy to oblige. So once I received the new set, I sent it to WES.

I believe WES does explicitly say on their website that they won’t accept US transcripts without signature/seal so I took them at their word basically. If you ask your uni again to send as per WES requirements I’m sure they will do so.



Is it possible to treat WES as a streaming service or is it a in-progress -> done kind of thing?

Wife has two bachelor’s degrees and having both evaluated will give us more points. The US degree’s transcripts are in WES’s hands already - however the Indian degree’s transcripts may reach WES in two weeks from now. Actual ETA is anyone’s guess.

So can I create an EE profile now with one degree evaluated? And then hope that my CRS will go up as WES scores the Mumbai degree whenever it arrives.

Thanks in Advance.



You may be able to change the EE profile after you submitted it. See http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=1005&top=29

In any case, they usually give ITA results every 2 weeks so even if yours doesn’t get selected, once you get new ECA, create a new profile and resubmit/modify existing EE profile.



The thing is my univ has outsourced the dispatching of transcripts to 3rd party.
anyways, I have explained my situation to WES and waiting on their reply. Based on that, will go from there.



hmmmm…interesting :thinking:



Hi @rsms,

You may have already received a response from someone else but I think the transcripts would be acceptable since WES does not mention anything about when the transcripts should be issued. My MS transcripts were 7 years old and they were accepted.



Hey Anshul.
How are you doing!

Can I submit EE profile based on my Bachelor’s ECA and then later on add my Master’s ECA after some days? (considering i am gettting ECA from different agencies for Bachelors and Masters because one does not recognize my Masters and other which recognizes takes longer time)

Can I submit EE with me as Primary applicant and husband as secondary and then if later we want to change husband to Primary and me to secondary…Is that possible?

Thank you.



I think what you’re asking is if you can change your EE application about submission. Yes you can if it was found to be eligible for the pool and no if it was not.

Yes since you can revert any section you can change the information so it’s possible to switch the primary applicant. Make sure you don’t somehow make a mistake when doing this. Finally keep in mind you cannot have two profiles it is not allowed.



Yes you can update your EE profile (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=1005&top=29). If unable to swap primary/secondary applicants, simply withdraw/delete profile and create a new one. Two profiles are not allowed.



Thanks and anshul for replies.
What does it mean “If your profile was found eligible for the pool. you can still update it after you’ve submitted it.”

I thought every profile is eligible for pool and thought It only matters if it is selected for ITA or not. Otherwise why will any profile not eligible for initial submission in pool.

Does it mean I can update it after submitting initially and waiting for ITA… or does it mean I can update it after it is selected for ITA ?



Does any one know if MTECH from India is equivalent to Masters of Canada or not?
i am not sure as ECA will take 1 month more to receive…
Currently I am selecting Masters in CRS calculator… is that fine?

Also, I know you guys told many times that highest degree should be evaluated…
But If I have Engineering Diploma and Btech and Mtech, all from India, Will I get extra points if show all these or the points are highest for Mtech alone (Masters)?

Thank you.



Go through the link I sent you it will answer your question about updating profile.

It says after you’ve “submitted”, not after you’ve received ITA. After you get ITA you’re through the door and you just want to add supporting documents coz now it’s a formality (assuming all documents are correct).

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On this link https://www.wes.org/ca/required-documents/
I found a Academic Records Request Form (https://applications.wes.org/OnlineApp/pdf/ca/International_Transcript_Request.pdf)
In that form its mentioned below 3 points

  1. Please complete this form.
  2. Place this form and academic record(s) in an envelope.
  3. Sign and seal the envelope across the back flap.

Do we need to get this filled also and be part of transcript envelope?
Is it necessary or can it be done without this form?



As per my understanding, it is optional and not mandatory to get it filled from university… I have not either…



Yes its optional. In my case I only filled this form because I wanted the university to send transcript to WES directly.



Even if you want university to send transcript directly to WES then also that form is optional, I think.



Hi Anshul,
how are you? WES came back to me and mentioned that there have to have a seal/stamp on the back of the envelope. I contacted my univ regarding this and they have agreed to send me the transcripts that have seal on it.