WES evaluation timeline and document submission details


That’s great that they agreed to it.



@avj I have got the signed/sealed transcript from my university. I am ready to send my transcript to WES but have a couple of questions:

  1. Make sure that your WES reference number is indicated on all envelopes - does this mean I have to write the WES reference number on the the envelope that I got from my university? Will it be appropriate to write on the envelope?
  2. What is the Academic Records Request Form for? Do I need to fill and send it to WES alongwith my transcript?

  1. Use a sticky note maybe?
  2. I think that form is for your university to send WES the academic records (transcripts). Unless it’s mandatory to send the academic records request form I don’t know why that will be needed once you have the transcripts.

  1. Yes you can write on it in the front - I did and they accepted it.
  2. It’s meant for your uni when you ask for transcripts. Since you already have the transcripts this form is not needed at this stage.


Thanks. I have begun the ECA process.



Hi, I have a question on WES evaluation for my degrees. My highest degree is Masters in US which was following my 4 year b.tech degree from India. Do I need to do WES evaluation for only my masters degree is enough for express entry application?



Hi @avj,

Is it important to send transcripts from Indian College (Under Grad). I believe only Masters Transcript is necessary. Isn’t it ?




You need transcripts for whichever degree(s) your are evaluating.Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) for all degrees?
If you have Masters and Bachelors you get maximum points for Masters. Bachelors evaluation not needed.



Thanks for the clarification.



Now that we have gone through the WES process for real, sharing back my experience for this scenario. Turns out WES waits to receive all documents before producing an evaluation report (at least for the two bachelors situation). Hence the streaming scenario I was thinking of, in my original question, doesn’t work for the two bachelor’s case.



Do we need physical copy of ECA to submit EE profile or WES sends pdf copy with all required information?

Asking because i know IELTS we need to wait for physical copy to get TRF number from it …



They just asked for report number while completing EE profile. I think we send the docs later once we get ITA.



Yeah…thats what i asked… So WES report number is there in PDF copy or only in physical copy ?

If it’s there even in PDF then I can submit EE profile on the same day WES shares pdf with me …otherwise we have to wait to get physical copy in mailbox before we can create EE profile



You get both. PDF immediately. Hard copy in two weeks.



You get hard copies of both. You have to upload scanned copies for final submission of ALL documents, no hard copies (except passport and pics which you’ve to send later).




I have a question around the timing for WES applications. I have reached out to my university for the transcript to be sent to me and I reckon the transcripts will be with me by April End.

I have booked IELTS for June and plan to start building my EE by july end - August once the IELTS results are in.

My question is if I am ok to apply to ECA by May even though I won’t be building my EE profile before July-August?

I read on WES that they will send a copy directly to IRCC, if my profile is not yet submitted on IRCC - will that be ok if they receive my ECA even before there is any EE Profile, I think not?

Or if there is draft EE profile which is not submitted, will it be ok for IRCC to receive my ECA?

I guess I am just looking to see if there is any chance that I can submit my EE as soon as IELTS score is in and not wait for WES also which can delay the process by another month or so.



@gondekar.aparna: In my experience that should be fine. IRCC can receive your report but they only link that report to your profile when you enter the report number in your EE application.
IRCC can receive all that information in advance, but only when you refer the report number do they link it to you.

We did the same thing, ECA completed and applied for EE a few days later.

You will require to have your ECA ready when you are completing the EE. Someone mentioned that their profile stated that they are not eligible since they marked ECA as not complete.

My recommendation is in line with CIC which is to create a complete profile. The way I see it, ECA and IELTS score are the minimum that you need to have to get an EE profile going.

@anon25417004 @avj - thoughts?



Thanks @vignesh.pr, this helps. I will go ahead and get my ECA done and as soon as my EILTS scores are in, I will submit my EE application



Hi All,

I graduated B.Tech from JNTU hyd in 2008 and M.S in 2010. Do I have to apply for both B.tech(individual transcripts and Consolidate/provisional Memo )and MS transcripts for my WES evaluation. or only MS transcripts are fine?

Can someone please suggest?




Hi @kmk.usa,

From recent posts in the community, it appears that if you did your MS from India you might need to provide both sets of transcripts. If the MS was from US, only the MS transcripts should suffice. Personally, I had provided both sets even though my MS was from US just to avoid any processing delays.

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