WES evaluation timeline and document submission details



I have a BE (India - Autonomous college) and MS (US). I added both my degrees to WES application. Now WES is asking to send the BE transcript directly from College as per rule changes on Dec 1st. My college is saying they cannot send (even if I pay the mail charges). Can I remove evaluations for my BE and go ahead with only MS ? What are the possible options ?





You only need to evaluate your MASTERS degree for obtaining highest points based on education.
For US Masters there is no need to submit BACHELORS degree.

The only requirement to submit both MASTERS and BACHELORS is when both are completed in india



Are you sure @sher.sfo do you have a link regarding this?
I am finding it difficult to get the transcripts from India :frowning:
Do you know if IRCC will ask for bachelors at a later point when submitting the application ?



yes, IRCC will not ask you about ur bachelors since ur claiming max points for ur’s MASTERS degree.
Even for WES evaluation only MASTERS degree is required when done from USA
However in case of MASTERS from INDIA, both masters and bachelors are required by WES.

U can just attach ur Bachelors degree in ur LOE as an additional document.

Go though other threads on this website, to clear ur doubts

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Hi All,

I have four year bachelor degree from India and one and half year masters degree from united states how many points will i get for education under FSW.

Thank you.



I am in same situation. It is same like any other masters and bachelors degree.
I got 126 points.

Use CRS points calculator for exact points.

If you did not take ielts give some random score to get to the final step.



Thank you for your reply.