WES evaluation timeline and document submission details


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Does anyone know the WES evaluation for Chartered accountants (inter) with no certificate of membership?




I have a bachelors from India ( BE ) and MBA from USA. While I created the profile in WES I had added both my degrees. My USA transcript got mailed directly WES from University and I can see this status on the WES portal.

My Question ---- Do I need to send my BE degree for evaluation ( I have mentioned in the initial application I submitted to WES)


My introduction and few questions

If you mentioned both degrees while creating your WES profile, you will need to send transcripts for both degrees and degree certificate for Bachelor’s. Didn’t WES provide you a list of documents to submit when you created the profile because that is what they usually do?



Yes they did. While creating the profile I did not know I could just send the Masters only. But after going through various forums realised that Masters degree was good enough to establish the credentials. Want to know if there is way to edit the Bachelors from the WES portal. At least I did not find anything on their portal though.



You would have to call them or email them. As of now, your order is for the evaluation of both bachelors and masters. Without calling or emailing them, they won’t be able to complete your full evaluation as they will wait for the BE transcript.



If you haven’t gotten an ITA yet you can still modify your profile and only include Masters. That way you can avoid waiting for bachelors ECA.



hello everyone. can anyone guide me on how to do the ECA in WES? is it necessary to ask your school to send it to WES since you already have the original degree and transcript of record. please enlighten me how to do the process.
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@migrate_canada WES accepts only sealed and stamped transcripts. If you have a set of transcripts in sealed and stamped envelope then you can send it by yourself if not you have to get it from your university and then either ask them to send it directly to WES or to you.

Somthing like this,

You need to Create WES account – Pay Fees – Send your documents – WES will review it and give you the report. This whole process takes about a month and half.



Hello, I am new to WES and I have few queries. Really appreciate if someone can provide more information.

  1. How does WES give the report? Do they send physical copy to us or it is only accessible in the portal in the digital form?
  2. I have done BCA and M.Sc from India. Should I do ECA for both the degree or just the highest degree ( M.Sc) ? I do not know which will give me highest point, mentioning both degree or just highest degree ( M.Sc )

Appreciate any help here.

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  1. WES gives you an electronic report as well as a hard copy that is mailed to your address.
  2. You can try mentioning the highest degree, however WES will let you know if they need your BCA degree to validate the M.Sc. I would recommend checking their site for your degree’s validation it should tell you what all you need to send.


Hi Vignesh,

Thanks for answering the query.

Though I have another follow-up query. Once WES completes the evaluation and I have physical and digital assessment copy then do I need to upload these copy while filling the Express Entry ( EE ) profile or I just have to provide some reference number.

So my basic question is when WES assessment copy is required? Do I need to ensure that I have original physical assessment copy?

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Only reference number is required while filling up the application pre ITA.

POST ITA, u will get the request for uploading the degree docs, it is good to include the WES report, soft copy will work.

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@balbir97 hope your question has been answered.



Hi folks,

I submitted Transcripts and other required documents to support my request for WES evaluation, after 1 month status got changed to “on Hold”, though the documents have been accepted current status shows verification is sent to respective institutions and waiting for their response.
Is anyone here in this forum also went through this step? if yes, how long usually it takes to get the evaluation done. On WES site its mentioned that process take few weeks to get the response from Institutes.

Thanks in advance.



Hi @Monish was your issue resolved, what was the process?

Relating to above I have a question.

Since my wife is primary applicant and her WES and IELTS are done can we submit the EE before my WES is completed? I have my IELTS done too.

Some people said that secondary applicant’s WES is not necessary. If this is the case then what option from the dropdown must the secondary applicant select for Education?

Appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance.



Secondary Applicant’s education evaluation is not necessary only if you are not claiming points for secondary applicant’s education.



Thanks Arun. What must I select from the dropdown in the CRS score calculator screen.
If I select anything other than ‘None’ it means that I have the ECA (mentioned in the question) and selecting ‘None’ is not right.

Please suggest.



Hello @anon25417004 and @avj,

When we say that two profiles are not allowed, we mean that two active profiles in the EE pool , right ?

When I started evaluating my eligibility for the EE, I created a dummy profile using a new email id (but correct passport number/DOB) etc. and found my real CRS score and saw where I stood.
Then I withdrew from the pool, but did not delete the account.

Now once I have some improvements with a new job and full ECA done, I intend to submit EE profile. and I intend to use a new account/new email ID. basically a fresh start in the system.

Do I still need to delete my old account/s ? or is it recommended to update the old accounts/profiles ?

Appreciate you responses.




I requested my university (in US) to add the seal as a mandatory requirement by WES. But they say their format is standard, no changes are allowed.

I ended up sending my transcript without seal on back flap. It still does not show received in the status. So not sure whether they will accept it.

If anyone else sent their transcript without back flap sealed and it worked for you, please respond!