WES evaluation timeline and document submission details


You may get a notification shortly that WES is preparing your evaluation report. My documents reached on May 1 too, and were only accepted today. As srhere noted, it takes 20 days for completion after they’ve accepted all the documents i.e. June 6 for me.



Hey Rahul thanks, even my status says they’re preparing evaluation report now. Glad that WES accepted the documents :slight_smile: I guess WES is the biggest hurdle in this whole process



Hello everyone,
I have a query. My husband is the primary applicant. We are waiting for ECA from WES. Both of us have taken the IELTS.
Do I need to mention my degree while creating the EE profile for my husband. I don’t have transcripts and trying to get all documents will delay the process as we will again have to get ECA done.
Can we apply without mentioning my degree? Will we have to get ECA for my degree too? Please advise.



You can create the profile without mentioning your education but you may have to declare that information in personal history section post ITA for which you dont need ECA since you will be not claiming points for it.

You can also update the EE profile later if you plan to get ECA done and claim points

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You should be able to mention your education and there should be a question asking whether you have
ECA for this education which you can answer as No.

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thank you for your prompt response.



My and my wife’s WES due in first week of June, we missed 23rd May (today’s) draw because of WES :frowning:



Seems cutoff is trending downwards you should be fine :slight_smile:



Yes, but it perplexes me that in the age of digital and fast paced world, WES takes 1.5 months for evaluation and accepts the documents by post, very rigid. I know I sound impatient but it is frustrating to be not able to submit the profile knowing your score is above the cutoff :frowning:



firstly WES takes 1 month after documents are delivered… (abt 10 days to review and accept and then about 20 days for the report)
secondly, WES accepts fax of degree certificate (not transcripts)
thirdly, there is no other way for WES to make sure the transcript documents are coming from genuine university… unless universities have a digital way of sending the documents :stuck_out_tongue:



Identity verification and related communication can be done digitally, I understand they have to maintain the standard and verify authenticity but going digital with quick response time should be the way forward ! :smile:



Hi Sourabh,

It is frustrating to go through the ECA process I finished my masters 19 years ago and had to go and literally sit with the examination clerk in the university to find my marksheets in paper registers :slightly_smiling_face: So, we will still have problems going digital here in India even if WES allows it.

Anyway, my CRS is far lower than the cutoff, so I was in no hurry.




really 19 years ago … no offence… i am just guessing you must be 41-43year old now to finish masters 19 years ago … or you meant 9 years ago :slight_smile:



Can’t imagine the pain going through that. In my case I had to obtain educational certificates for my masters application in US 5 years ago, fortunately at that time I obtained some extra certificates which came in use now.



Yes, @srhere , it was really 19 years ago :grinning: that’s the primary reason why I am far away from the cut-off score right now, looking at GTS and TEF to improve scores, both are long shots.

@sourabh.deshkulkarni, that was a good idea to keep some extra set of transcirpts for future use.



Ok, so I was creating a WES profile and in that it defaults to me as recipient 1 and IRCC as recipient 2…so, I guess once the evaluation is done IRCC can access it online and we aren’t required to mail the copy to them, right?



No but you’re recommended to upload it as part of final application.



You won’t have to mail a physical copy to IRCC. You would however need to provide the WES reference number while submitting the EE profile and scan & upload the evaluation after you get the ITA.



I have done my masters here and I have the transcripts and the certificates but my degree certificates were shipped from india and they dint come in an envelope is it still okay for me to send it to wes?



Hi @Shruthi,

I am not sure what you been by you did your masters “here”. Either way, WES expects the transcripts to be in sealed and unopened envelopes. The copy of the degree certificate need not be in this sealed envelope. You can send both of these together in a separate envelope but just make sure that the internal transcripts envelope is not opened.