WES Evaluation - Two or more Certificates, Diplomas or Degree



I got my WES Evaluation done. I Have Bachelor’s Degree (4 Years) and 1 Year Executive MBA Program.

WES Evaluated me as CANADIAN EQUIVALENCY SUMMARY Bachelor’s degree (four years).

For my Executive MBA, they have mentioned: Completion of an executive management program offered by a graduate school of business. But this is not mentioned in Summary part.

My Question is For the Level of Education, which one should i fill in ?

  1. Bachelor’s Degree or
  2. Two or more Certificates, Diplomas or Degree

Please let me know about the same.


Where did you complete your EMBA from? How much time did it take?
I did a quick test on https://applications.wes.org/ca/degree-equivalency-tool/poe.asp WES equivalency tool but it had no drop down for “Executive MBA”, although it had one for “MBA”. MBA evaluates to Canadian masters equivalency.