WES evaluations for BAMS Degree

Does WES evaluate BAMS degree?On website its written they do not evaluate ayurveda,unani & sidha courses. But read on many posts and blogs that they evaluate bams degree,so now im totally confused!! I need to do Credentials evaluation for my further studies in USA,please help

@Jee05 hey I am also in the same condition.
Please guide me.what you had done for this problem?
Thank you.

I had applied to WES but they rejected my application due to BAMS degree as per their policies they doesn’t evaluate Ayurveda Degree.

Thank you so much for reply.

So which evaluation you had done for your further studies?
I want transcript format too.can you pls send me?

From ECE I got my credentials evaluation done, and for transcripts each university have different formats so you have to do according to your grad university. Mine was Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, on their official website I found Transcripts formats.

No in India, waiting for applications decisions from Universities. Are you from Maharashtra University Health Sciences?

@Jee05 which clgs you had applied to? Plz send me a list Universities accepting ECE evaluation.

Thank you

Hi, that’s great. I got mine done with WES, but they did not add US equivalency. Did you get your US equivalency as Bachelors ?

i am facing the same problems and i am from muhs. can you please provide me your contact, my email id is priyabhanushali96@gmail.com

Hey, can you please guide me as when did you get your transcripts?

I did my application for transcript in month of August-2018 and got hardcopies in October-2018

Hello all,

Myself Arun. I am not a BAMS or BHMS guy but my wife is a BAMS graduate, she is a doctor. I am a techie :slight_smile:

Recently for a higher studies plan| research for her in Canada I was searching for this info. Find most of the queries in forums like canadavisa and quora, some people literally says “not possible”… so rude… Its a 5.5 years effort and hardwork… I could feel how guys feel seeing such a response from people who might not even have searched for this, “Searched!!”.

Guys I wanna throw some light here. At least giving you people some hope. WES wont do BAMS or BHMS but IQAS can do it and if you are not 100% sure about it. Please see the below URL’s for all the information.

This is a genuine site. Go through it, Page number 35.

Now regarding the process how to do it, even if its not that clear, still you can go through the genuine website notes

Note: I just now found all this information, I was searching for all this info for past 2 days. Sharing all this info which I felt valid. what i understand is its time taking, may take 3 or 4 months still you getting it evaluated.

Good luck guys.

Hi, can you explain the procedure of getting transcripts from MUHS, and how long it takes for it. Also, what type of evaluation did you undergo from ece? (Normal or course by course) Which post graduate programs did you apply for in the US? Did you manage to get into any?

You can share the information on aditeej30@gmail.com

Hi Jee05, Any update on ECE Evaluation?

What credentials they provide you for BHMS degree with ECE evaluation in US?