WES needs Bachelors degree to evaluate Masters Degree

Hello everyone,

I am Nikitha. Both me and my husband have applied for the WES evaluation for our Masters degree.

My Husband started his Masters in University A and then transferred his credits from here to a University B.
Both the transcripts have been submitted to WES. But for some reason, my husband’s evaluation requires Bachelors degree information as well. He has not transferred any credits from his Bachelors course as well.
The thing is, he did his Bachelors in India and it takes almost a month to get his sealed transcripts from there.
Because of WES evaluation report delay, we are still not able to apply to the Express Entry pool.

Please let me know if anyone else have faced a similar situation and spoken to WES about it.


@nikithav24 Did you reach out to WES to find out why they need it? It is odd that they are asking for it, unless one requests both UG and MS to be evaluated.

@nikithav24 Was the Indian undergrad a 3 year degree?

Any which way, second what vignesh is suggesting. In my experience with WES, its best to write to them via their contact form and then follow up after 72 hrs (by telephone) and ask what happened to / follow up on your query. This typically leads to an escalation which usually gets you a non-script answer.


Yes I did reach out to them. They have not given a definite reply yet. The customer service representative spoke to some supervisor and asked us to submit a request on their Contact Us page. For now we have done that because even they are really not sure why the evaluators are asking for a Bachelors degree.

It is a normal 4 year UG degree. I have written to them. So just waiting for their response back.

is masters from US or India?
if india then if its MSc or MCA then they do ask for bachelors documents as well…

if US then are you sure when creating WES application you have not entered even bachelors education?


This sounds like someone made a mistake somewhere. I’m assuming this is a regular MS from a recognized US university? If so then there is really no reason for asking for Bachelors degree information. For transfers you have done the correct thing by submitting transcripts of the two universities. I suspect this is an error and should be rectified. Give them a day or two and call back if no response.

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Hi everyone,

Do undergrad degree needed to be evaluated with masters if undergrad was 3 yrs - is it better to send both bachelors and masters if the bachelors was 3 yrs?
I have done 3 yrs bachelors from India and 1 yr MBA from UK. When I used degree equivalent tool on WES for my masters, it’s showing an equivalency if Masters in Canada… will that be enough or should I try getting my bachelors evaluated as well?

As long as the ECA says degree equivalency of Masters in Canada it should work.

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Yes this is Masters from US in a recognized University. We have submitted a query. Will update the post here once we hear back from them.

I’m facing this now : Post 1 month applying to WES, my case was kept on hold last week as they want my 4 year B-Tech certificates too which was from India. When I called WES, they asked me to send a message from their contact page requesting to remove bachelor’s degree details from my WES account and I did send them a message. But today the same WES sent a mail saying “Applicants submitting a Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Diploma for evaluation, must also provide bachelor’s degree and WES cannot complete an evaluation without these documents. The only exceptions where your bachelor’s degree documents are not required are: Master of Education, Master of Engineering, Master of Philosophy, and Master of Technology.”

This is strange, where WES is requesting doc’s differently from person to person and not sure why USA Master of Science degree isn’t added to their list of exceptions.

Dear All,
I’ve done MCA from Indian university and applying for Express Entry.
My questions is do I need to submit both my Bachelors and Masters degree for Assessment ? or only MCA is enough ?


Usually WES needs both Masters and Bachelors for Indian Education especially any thing other than M.Tech like MCA or MSc.

Still you will be able to see it when you create your WES account and add your education and there it will show you list of documents needed. Creating a WES account is free so you can verify easily before paying any fees.

Also it is better to get transcripts for both and WES charges same fee for only Masters or Both Masters+Bachelors…

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Hi ,
Thanks for your detailed response , sure will do that.


Dear Gurus,

I’m apply for Express Entry Canadian Immigration , my question is for WES ECA is my Consolidated marksheet enough for MCA degree or individual semester wise marksheets have be provided ?



You need an official transcript from the University which awarded that degree… Official transcript in a sealed envelope and signed or stamped even outside the envelope…
Either University can send the sealed envelope directly to WES or you can take it from them and then courier it to WES without opening it …

Also you need to submit a photo copy of final degree…it can be sent separately by you if University is sending ur transcript directly to wes or if you are sending transcript yourself then put both sealed transcript and degree photocopy (alongwith any other documents required) in a bigger envelope… Also you can put both of sealed envelopes for mca and bachelor’s together with each of degree photocopy and other docs if any in a single larger envelope and then just send that larger envelope to WES using courier or post

Hi , did you get any update from WES, I am also stuck in similar situation

Yes… So we did submit our Bachelors Degree transcript as well as they would not give a valid reason for why it was necessary. And we got our masters evaluation report back then.

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