What all can you carry with you from US to Canada(Toronto)


I will be moving with my family in November by road, entering through Niagara (Buffalo). The movers are not ready to carry any liquid items. My question is can we carry liquids like used cleaning supplies, Oils, alcohol bottles that have been opened and not sealed. Just wanted to know if anyone has carried these with them in the past and if they were checked and was it allowed?


Not a good idea. Ur stuff wont be in temperature controlled containers, so it can freeze and explode. Other items can get damaged as well due to any leakage. Most of the containers are shared, so u will be liable for damages to other stuff as well. I dont if they are check or not, but it is not worth the risk.

Hi actually I was meaning my own car with me. My containers with movers will not have any liquids. But I was wondering since we are driving down, can we carry it with us in our car.

Thanks for responding.