What do I send for my PPR request? (US citizen / Canadian Wife)

Hi all,

I got my my passport and photo request (yay!!) but Im a little confused.

We have no children so no dependents, my wife is the Canadian, I’m the America, so from reading the letter: It seems like I would send a copy of my passport bio page and the 2 Canadian VISA photos is this correct or do I need to send in her information also?


From what you are saying you are the only applicant on your application. So, I don’t think you need to send in your wife’s information. If my guess is right you would have submitted her info along with your application earlier.
You can always email IRCC or CIC on the email provided in your PPR email (not the sender email but the one specified for queries)


Yes you are correct I sent her information with the original application. Ok I will make my copies and get it on its way monday/tuesday.

Thank you!!