What does 'congratulations you are now a candidate for immigration to canada' message mean?

Hello everyone,

I got my AOR in Nov, and passed medical in Dec.

Today I got this message ,
“Congratulations. You are now a candidate for immigration to Canada.
You should think about how you will find a job in your field if you become permanent
resident. Starting now will give you and your family members the best chance at finding
a job that matches your skills, qualifications and work experience.
You can research:
• areas where workers in your field are in high demand, and
• what is required for your job and similar jobs you might be interested in.
In most cases, the things you need to find a job in Canada are different than for
immigrating. This means you might need a new assessment of your education, skills,
work experience and/or language skills to get a job in your field.
Gather your documents before you come to Canada to make the process easier. For
• degrees
• school transcripts
• proof of work history
• employer references, etc.
In Canada, some jobs are regulated to protect public health and safety. To work in a
regulated job, you will need a licence or certificate from the regulatory body for your
profession in the province or territory you want to live in.
You may need to submit certain documents, upgrade your education, and get on-the-job
experience before you get a license or certificate to practice. Without a license or
certificate, you will not be able to work in a regulated job in Canada. It can take time to
get a license in Canada. Consider working in a related job while getting your license.
There are many other resources that can help you research how to work in your job in
Canada. Check the website for the province or territory you want to live in to find out
If you are accepted to come to Canada, you can get free services before you come that
will help you:
• learn about life in Canada
• find a job
• take steps to get your credentials recognized and
• you will also learn about other free services available after you arrive in Canada.
There are also free services to help you adjust to life in Canada once you arrive”

What does it mean? I do not know how to interpret this message. I’ve already submitted all the documents and ECA’s too. Any help would be appreciated.

Chin C

You should have received this as a message titled “How to find a job in Canada”. It is a standard CIC user guide sorta thing to help you understand how you can search for jobs. It really doesn’t mean much else AFAIK.


As sid said, it is not unusual to receive this. It is the “How to find a job in Canada” message, which you may also receive an email notification for. I received it about halfway through processing.

It does not mean anything with regard to your application.

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I don’t know if that message has any relevance to application processing, but at least for me the day I received that message in my account also received the PPR request. AOR in July and PPR in August.

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