What has been your experience like building a startup in Canada?

I was looking for community members to share their stories of starting up (or trying to startup) in Canada. There are numerous things that can be discussed I suppose, so I will try to ask something specific but not limited to these areas:

  • Which city you are based in and why did you choose that city?
  • Did you create your startup after coming to Canada?
  • What resources were available to you?
  • How did you meet people there?
  • Did you go through an accelerator or incubator?
  • How did you find and reach investors?
  • Any other advice or experience that is worth sharing…

Because of COVID-19, it has also become pretty hard to meet new people and get to know the community around in person, so it will be lovely to get some insight through the forum.
I am a bit biased to learn about the Toronto area since I am based here but any city will do. Please feel free to answer as much or as little to this!

P.S. There are tons of resources for startup founders online, so I am aware of what exists out there, I just want to hear some real stories from real entrepreneurs on the ground reality! Thanks a ton in advance.