What if I get 10 points(434) below the Express entry draw score(438). Do I still get ITA


So I have this question and I am confused. Hope someone has answer to this
let’s take a scenario.
My score is 434 and express entry draw is 438, invited 3500 applicants.
Should I have the 438 or above to receive and ITA or if there are less than 3500 people above me would I get an invite.
Please Clarify.



Hi @shadowz,
Answer will be No.You will not get an ITA if your score is below Cut-off.



I just want to expand on ChinC’s answer in case anyone else is confused as to how the EE draws work.

When you make an Express Entry profile, you enter into the EE pool with all other candidates who have made Express Entry profiles in the last year.

Candidates are ranked in the system using their CRS score (so, for example, 434). IRCC provides an account of the score breakdown of every profile in the pool each time there is a draw.

During a draw, IRCC chooses the amount of people to invite to apply for permanent residence based on their immigration targets for the year. Then, starting from the highest score and working down the list, they issue invitations. The cutoff score is then determined by the last (lowest ranked) person on that list who receives an invitation.

So, for example, in this last draw, 3350 invitations were issued and the cutoff score was 438. This means that the 3350th highest score in the pool was 438, and thus everyone who received an invitation had a score of 438 or higher. Those who have a score below the cutoff score would not have received an invitation because they were behind the 3350th person on the list.

The pool is constantly changing based on interest, PNP nominations, and expiring profiles, so it is not possible to predict exactly what the next cutoff score will be; however, we can look at trends using the reports that IRCC issues each draw to get an idea.