What is the current job scenario for newly landed highly skilled (non-CS or non-IT) engineers from India in Canada?

2 scenarios can be considered :

  1. A chemical/mechanical engineer from the top 5 IITs, IISc or top 3 NITs in India wishing to do an engineering job in the industry

  2. An academic having done B.Tech. from IIT and wants to do a PhD from a tier 1 University (Something like UCLA, U of Michigan, UIUC if done USA but not MIT or Stanford) wishing to join as a tenure track asst. professor in Canada after Ph.D.
    If choosing Canada, would only prefer Univeristy of Toronto, UBC, or Waterloo whereas there are a large number of universities of this stature in USA and hence higher chance of getting selected in atleast 1.

I have heard bad stories about Canadian job givers only caring about whether you have Candian credentials or not and not at all caring about how good non-Canadian credentials are. Someone told me an IITian worked as security watchman and some other top engineering college student was driving a taxi.

P.S. For those unaware about IITs they are the most highly regarded engineering universities in India, called by some as the MIT of India. IITians are very highly regarded and get great jobs in India. IIT is also somewhat heard about in the USA (but obviously not as well known as it is in India)