What is the typical time to process the passports by CPC?


I have received an email indicating that i need to submit passports for processing. How long does it take for the passport to be returned to an US address? Any suggestions on the mailing service that we can use?


It takes about 1 to 2 weeks. You can use UPS or FedEx. Be sure you print the return label at home or the office because they won’t be able to generate the label at the store. Also make sure your included photo’s exactly match their requirements.


Any suggestions on where to get the photo taken, just so it will meet their specific requirements?


I took mine at Postnet for the initial stages of the process. Worked out fine for me.


Just google for "Canada Visa Photo " I found a few in the bay area somehow they were always Asian photo studios. I guess a lot of asians travel to Canada.


Thanks for the info! Just out of curiosity, will the same photo be used for both the temporary visa for landing as well as the PR card?


If everything is OK then you should get it within 2 weeks.

CIC is very particular about PR photos, they have to be exactly the dimensions as specified in their photo requirements. They also need the stamp on the back of the picture, of the photo studio who took it. The way my photo studio did this was they stamped their logo and added the date, and put a transparent ducktape on top so the ink doesn’t wipe off. Also required is your name and date of birth written at the back. This should be done for each photo. Also recommended in their requirements is the removal of shadows so make sure they take the photo correctly and possibly remove the shadows. My studio charged me $35 or so for 4 copies. So, it goes without saying that go to a professional to get this done, it’s worth it.

Especially if you are planning to do landing immediately after you get your PR visa, these extra copies might be useful. You need to attach two copes to the Passport request and this is what I suppose they use on your PR card, but a lot of times people get “photo not per specification” email from CIC around two months after you land (I got one). I had to take quickly take new pictures and send them over so it added a delay of two months to my PR card processing. If you already have these photos in hand and they’re not too old then you can quickly send them over (I think they require it to be less than 6 months old).


@avj this happened to me too and my PR card was delayed. I had to redo the photo’s and courier over new ones.


Off topic, how long does CIC take from submitting documents for ITA to getting request for passport for stamping?

Also where do we submit documents, was working on application over the weekend and didn’t see an upload option.


Once you fill out all the application details after you receive the ITA, the last screen will take you to the document submission screen. Here are the documents which I have been asked to upload through this screen:


Usually they take 2-3 months till they clear your medical results and then a few weeks till they ask you for passport. At that point you can be more confident that your application will get approved.

I don’t remember exactly but there should be a upload documents/complete button somewhere.