What is your biggest concern?

I’m trying to understand what is the biggest concern that people in the community have in relation to Canada? Is it jobs, PR process, work visas, etc

For me its the PR process, like how to get the degrees etc from college

For me, it is finding a suitable job. Any pointers that can help me secure one. ( a little background: Significant experience on the business end of technology companies - strategy execution, operations, pricing and pre-sales)

@karan2189 Its pretty straight forward if your last degree is from a US university. In the case its India I can understand the bureaucracy that you’d have to deal with. I do think people stress out over the PR process more than they need to. I’m saying this from experience as we did that.

@vinay.sreea Your not alone I have received significant feedback that this is one of the top worries people have. Like any job the best approach to getting one is to network your way to getting a foot in the door. People hire people they trust and resumes are terrible at telling your story. If all a recruiter has is a resume to go with he’ll choose one that seems familiar to him. Its best to reach out to people working at the company your targeting either directly though InMail or through a reference and getting you referred internally. This will obviously not bypass the interview process but will at least get you to it. I’m working on a blog post on this topic will have it out soon.

First – Getting PR and if CRS is low then how to increase it
Second – getting job in Canada

There is a previous thread on the topic of increasing your CRS score

There are a few discussion on getting a job in Canada. I tried to consolidate some of that into a single discussion, its more aimed at tech jobs. And happy to discuss further.


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For me convincing my parents to come along & finding a decent job.

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Like everyone else here, my concern is also finding a good job. I have been coming across stories of others who have degrees and experience from outside Canada, not getting good jobs in Canada.

Do employers value Canadian degrees and work experience high enough to ignore the global experience an individual has? How does one convince the prospective employers that their non-Canadian experience is as good, if not better?

In tech and finance I know numerous people who have not had this issue. The problem is that almost everyone comes to Canada with a PR and not due to job sponsorship (unlike H1b). Job sponsorship automatically acts like a filter and so there are no stories about “US Experience” There are however many family Greencard holders who struggle getting jobs but the numbers are few and so don’t create as much press.

If you job involves customer interaction then employees probably prefer someone who would be able to find common ground with customers hence the “Canada Experience” Additionally you’re coming from the US this should not be an issue. Most Canadian PR are not from the US they are not experienced in North American work culture and interview processes.

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Earlier, it was PR. Now that I have it, it is getting a job. Any guidance w.r.t. this is welcome.

Hi all,

It would be the the part of networking with other people for job opportunities. Are there any suggestions on how we can get started with it remotely?


LinkedIn is the best way IMO.

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Thanks! Yeah , so far we have started with the same. Let’s see how it goes!

I think, finding a white collar job in Canada is biggest task as you will find number of laborious jobs a lot there. I am in Canada and wrote some tips to help my friends who looking for job in Canada. Just go through an article “HOW TO FIND JOB IN CANADA” in Celpip.biz . You will find some helpful tips from here.

All the very best!