What kind of job offer from Canada branch of US MNC?

I work in a big software MNC in Bay Area in a software position. A team in our MNC’s Toronto branch is ready to take me and my manager is ok with the transfer. But our HR both here and in Toronto seem to be clueless about how to put this into action.

What kind of job offer should I tell my HR to give me so that I can move (or transfer) to our Toronto office? How long will it take for Toronto branch to give me job offer? (Does it take 9 months like PERM in US?)

I need the job offer (and not Intra Company Transfer ICT) since I need the 50 CRS points to be picked for PR. Otherwise my CRS points are not enough to get PR by myself.

They need to offer with atleast 2 year validity (even if it is full time, offer letter needs to state that). The job offer should also be LMIA approved, so think of LMIA as your PERM process in US.

Rough timeline :

  • Job offer issued (depends on internal bureaucracy, you would know best)
  • LMIA approval preparation - 2 weeks (use a Canadian Immigration agency like KPMG)
  • LMIA application to LMIA decision - 2-3 weeks
  • Work permit application - 1 week
  • Work permit application to decision - 2-3 weeks
  • Passport stamp - 1-2 weeks

So roughly 10 weeks is a good estimate to go from job offer to work permit visa stamp in hand.


That was quite detailed and useful information that I can pass to my HR. Thanks so much!