What kind of LMIA is required for Express Entry?

I am currently interviewing with a company in Canada who is ready to sponsor a closed work permit for me via the LMIA route.

I happen to have a PR application in express entry system with a score which is slightly below the cutoffs that we have seen in the recent months. I understand that having a job offer in Canada with an LMIA is worth upto 50 points which would take me beyond the cut off scores to be eligible for an ITA.

I would like to understand if there are any clauses in the system with respect to job offers or an LMIA that I need to be aware of before I submit my documents to the prospective employer. I did come across certain blogs/articles which talk about a specific type of LMIA for express entry which is different from the LMIA obtained under the “Temporary Foreign Worker Program”. Would this render me to be ineligible for the additional 50 points in the CRS?

May be this small bit can help you !
Once you get your job offer along with LMIA no.or with LMIA exempt ,you need to upload that no.in the express entry to claim 50 points.
The job offer needs to be at least valid for 1 year and details like your work hours ,salary,your office address in canada etc.

I have this question now after 4 years! What is the answer to this? Were you able to use your GTS LMIA for your PR application? Thanks!

Valid for one year… is it because the overall express entry process is more than 6 months?