Whats the deal with Mattress

I am moving from the United States. I called few mover companies and they said mattresses are not allowed - This is a little surprising. Is anyone successful in shipping the mattresses? I am moving full 4-bed room furniture and mattresses are kind of new - recently purchased so hate to give them up. I am moving on a work permit visa. Thanks

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If you are moving in as a settler Memorandum D2-2-1 - Settlers' Effects - Tariff Item No. 9807.00.00 you should be exempt from Memorandum D9-1-7 - Used or Second-hand Mattresses and Materials Therefrom .

Our movers packed it up on the US side and customs went smoothly. We had mentioned it in our goods to follow when we had landed. Our goods followed many months later.

Thanks @superishav - Did you move to Canada with PR or on a work permit?

I also experienced from some movers who told we can’t move mattress however mover I finalized were able to move our mattress without any problem and I moved to Canada on work permit and didn’t faced any issues at customs as well.

Thanks @guriboy Which mover did you go with? and how was your experience with it? I am still finalizing the movers but have not made the decision.

With PR.

I used earthrelocation.com movers and experience was good starting from booking to delivery though there were few inexpensive items missing and 2 items were broken however there claim process was smooth. I had to keep my stuff in their storage for more than a month so had to pay extra for storage.

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