When should I schedule my medical tests / checkup?

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I need some clarification on scheduling Medical Tests. The CIC website states the following:

“Wait for instructions once you have submitted your application. We’ll send you instructions on how to get your medical exam done. You must go for your medical exam within 30 days of receiving these instructions”.

So I received an ITA and I am in the process of filling it out. Am I right in assuming that the instructions for medical exam are part of the document checklist that is generated after I submit the ITA? Do we have to wait for instructions for the medical exam as stated above or can I go ahead and schedule one considering there may be a wait time?

Medical report should be part of the ITA submission. Schedule time with the nearest authorized clinic.

If I remember correctly I did my medical tests before I got my ITA. I just submitted my medical exam receipt during final application submission.

As others mentioned, you can schedule your medical tests by yourself since you need to submit the medical test receipt/form with your ITA. You might just need to carry a printout of your ITA message to the clinic where you would be getting the tests done.

How soon or late do we get medical receipt or results after medical test?
I guess we have to wait couple of days or weeks to get results…isn’t it

I don’t know about the current processing times in the US. I did my medical test in India. I was able to make an appointment by calling the hospital just 1 day in advance. As soon as my medical tests were scheduled, they provided a receipt which I could upload. That receipt has a reference number which CIC will also get. The results are sent by the hospital directly to CIC. In our case, the results were available within a week.

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Medical receipt is something you should get on the spot from the clinic. Scan it and upload it when asked for medical results. The actual results are not required to be uploaded to CIC. Time it takes to get results depends on the clinic; I got mine in two weeks.

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We took an appointment with nearby cic asked doctor…
now he is asking if it is “upfront exam (meaning you have not received an IMM 1017 with an IME number)”

what does this mean… what is IMM1017??
so does it mean we can submit application without medical and get medicals once cic ask for it and give us IMM1017??

Also did your doctor ask to send scanned copies of passports?

A google search revealed this: https://tomcic.wordpress.com/tag/imm-1017/

I could not find it on CIC website and I don’t remember taking anything except my passport. They gave me a medical receipt after the test and that was all I had till I got my results.

Yes take a copy of your passport as well just in case.

Yes, it would be an upfront exam. You don’t need to wait for CIC to request it with IMM1017. You may initiate it yourself and upload the receipt.

We had carried our passports and the hospital had made all the relevant copies. It would be a good idea to carry copies with you.

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qq - medical exam should be scheduled once we receive ITA, it will an upfront medical i think. the Doc will give us a receipt so are we supposed to only upload the receipt or do we get medical reports as well at home that we are supposed to upload?
how much time does it normally take to receive the reports?


The only reason to do medical later is to get more time on your PR visa. Otherwise, you can do it earlier as well, provided you can get an appointment.
You only need to upload the receipt, doctor shares the results with IRCC directly. Usually you’ll get them in a week or so.

A quick question for those who have faced this situation: you are approaching the deadline to submit your eAPR but you’re not able to schedule a medical exam before that. What did you submit in the “upload” section for medical test, since you did not have the receipt? How did you upload medical test receipt after eAPR submission?