When submitting ITA documents ,for education - we should submit our college degrees or WES transcripts

When submitting ITA documents ,for education - we should submit our college degrees or WES transcripts ?

Please help

you need to provide the ECA provided by WES (or whichever agency used), plus your Degree documents.

Thank you for replying .
on CIC website it says

  • This is an academic degree awarded by a graduate school of a college or university. they are not asking for ECA .

actually my situation is - I am still waiting for my ECA document and after 5 days my ITA submission days will be over . do you think , CIC will be consider my case if my ECA document comes after I submit ITA .

wait, how can you submit EE profile in the pool if you don’t have ECA? your points are calculated based on the ECA, right ?

or do you have 2 degrees and got ITA from 1 and waiting for ECA of other?

yes , I have 2 degrees and got ITA for graduation degree and waiting for ECA of master degree.
Once I submit the document for WES ,they give reference number . so I used the reference number for master degree .

Hi Guys - please help
I have applied for EE with score 431 . then I did another degree . I applied for WES evaluation .while I was waiting for WES , I updated my existing EE profile and add another degree and my score updated to 452 .
I got ITA but still waiting for WES evaluation . WES opened my previous degree and asked my college to send degree one more time and all this process is taking for ever . its been more than 50 days and now I am left with less than 10 days to submit ITA .

what should I do now , Should I add a letter of explanation ?

Once ITA Submitted , after how many days ,CIC will start looking in to my WES documents ,May be by that time WES complete my evaluation ?

what is the process and how much days each process takes once we submit the ITA ?

to apply for ITA, the ECA should be complete. you can’t use the WES reference number, but instead the ECA number is different. you tried to bypass the system. I dont think a LOE will help in this case.

your best bet is to wait for the ECA to be completed, and then enter the pool again.

good luck.

I agree with @usa2can. You should consider withdrawing your application for now and reapply once you have the entire WES evaluation available.

Hi, I got ECA done and the status shows: Bachelor’s degree (four years) and postgraduate diploma (one year). In express entry profile for Canada Immigration, I have entered my bachelors degree details by selecting Bachelor’s degree or other programs (three or more years) at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other institute. But there is no option to enter Postgraduate diploma (one year).
Should I enter as masters or is there any other option?
Kindly suggest me how to enter the Post graduate diploma (one year) details into express entry profile. Thank you.